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CollyKiLLit - JEEEZ

CollyKiLLit - JEEEZ

Lyrics: Message in the music Through Telekinetic use And What better than revolution Who better suited to get you through it Heavily rooted, knowin the enemys EVERY move, And Fuck is you doin if you aint going out shooting?? If I hold it It’s loaded If it explode you Won’t know it I Overdose any moment And Comatose an opponent Without showin emotion And I’m only that goat at this Homie you owe me for coaching Hold up let me get it in Soldier in the trenches Holding on a rifle good intentions But the world wouldn’t let em He could sell himself a devil If you handed him a weapon standing in the desert life could be pleasant hold that L Now ya look like a peasant Karma getting Too real too close Armageddon Too real too close Woah! Relax and take notes Pick a rapper out eenie meenie miney moe One of few artists left Really bleeding out his soul Be a leader, undefeated Eat and never let the ribs show Acres and acres away from my neighbors Anchors away we sail mediterreanen That was a quarantine dream that I had Take a Hit of this hash and replay it again Maybe ill save, maybe ill spend Maybe ill mer-cedes Benz Picking up her and her lady friends Yeah that was us swerving on the 110 anybody lookin for me in the background chilling hat low feellin like im bout to make a killing We don’t need no lottery to say we did it We the hottest on the scene And anybody can get it Matter fact Id Jack yo style Fore I beg anybody in the game to give Me something back Hate what you have, But you wanted that Love what you got Gone in a flash Hurts when you find out last Trade places I would, id do it so fast Bitch I wish I was dead im begging you to clap Like I had a bad show im begging you to clap JEEEZ! Lookin for substance in all the wrong places Looking for love how much time that I wasted Pray these finances will find me salvation Stuck in the madness I mean fuck it it happens Thats why I keep a couple coins Stuffed up under the mattress Never know when you gotta dip Switch plot flip on a one way trip Mistakes that we made Dues that we paid Dude just keep doing you Shine in the shade Work on yo body Gotfood on yo plate DO IT TODAY. Before its too late AY What they gonna say about you on the day of judgement The system tried to play em like a punk bitch But the boy was somebody that nobody could fuck wit
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